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All desserts are served with paper plates, plastic silverware & napkins.

*Please submit all dietary needs and meal accommodation requests on the request form when checking out.

$4.50 Gourmet Apple Pie with Caramel Sauce An all American favorite packed with flavorful local apples, a flaky double crust & paired with our rich caramel sauce.
$6.25 Chocolate Layered Cake Rich layered chocolate cake with chocolate garnish & raspberry sauce.
$5.00 Lemon Layered Cake Three layers of lemony bliss: chiffon style lemon cake with lemon curd & lemon whipped cream.
$5.50 New York Cheesecake Classic New York style cheesecake with a buttery graham cracker crust.
$55.00 Bread Pudding Rich crème brulee custard, dried fruits & cinnamon whipped cream. Per Pan. (Pan Serves approximently 24)
$50.00 Cobbler Peach, mixed berry, or blueberry

Prices are valid through 12/31/2019. Please note displayed prices are for on campus department charges, residence hall vouchers & for billing to state agencies/nonprofits conducting qualifying fundraising activities. Tax is added to billing for private party & non-state entities.

If you would like something not provided on this menu or have a special request please contact Jim Matheny at 509-963-2095.