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Hot Beverages are served with cups, appropriate condiments & napkins.

Cold Beverages are served with plastic cups, beverages napkins & ice.

One gallon serves approximately 16.

*Please submit all dietary needs and meal accommodation requests on the request form when checking out.

Hot Beverages
$17.50 Hot Tea We provide assorted Tazo Tea bags along with hot water & lemon.
$17.50 Hot Chocolate Something to keep you warm during our cooler weather.
$17.50 Hot Spiced Apple Cider A blend of Apple Cider and Spices. Perfect for Fall Weather!
No Image Available $17.50 Thomas Hammer Coffee We proudly serve Thomas Hammer Coffee
No Image Available $17.50 Thomas Hammer Decaf Coffee We proudly serve Thomas Hammer Coffee
Cold Beverages
$17.50 Orange Juice Served by the gallon
$17.50 Apple Juice Served by the gallon
$17.50 Cranberry Juice Served by the gallon
$2.00 Bottled Juice Assorted Individual Bottles
$17.50 Lemonade Yellow lemonade served by the gallon
$17.50 Raspberry Lemonade Yellow Lemonade mixed with Raspberry
$17.50 Iced Tea Served with lemon wedges, sugar & equal. Perfect for a warm day!
$17.50 Cranberry Punch A blend of Cranberry and Apple Juice, with a touch of Sparkle
No Image Available $17.50 Citrus Punch A sparkling blend of tropical juices. Size: 1 Gallon
$10.50 Flavored Waters Citrus Assorted Citrus Favored Water
$10.50 Flavored Waters Cucumber/Mint Assorted Cucumber & Mint Favored Water
$10.50 Flavored Waters Strawberry/Basil Strawberry & Basil Favored Water
$6.25 Sparkling Apple Cider Size: 25.4 fluid oz bottle
No Image Available $10.50 Iced Water Size: 5 Gallons, includes 1 refill.
$1.25 Bottled Water 16.9 oz individual bottle.
$1.25 Coke 12 ounce can
$1.25 Diet Coke 12 ounce can
$1.25 Sprite Size: 12 ounce can

Prices are valid through 12/31/2019. Please note displayed prices are for on campus department charges, residence hall vouchers & for billing to state agencies/nonprofits conducting qualifying fundraising activities. Tax is added to billing for private party & non-state entities.

If you would like something not provided on this menu or have a special request please contact Jim Matheny at 509-963-2095.